FLEYE is the story of three Danes with a burning passion to create remarkable eyewear through innovative design, groundbreaking materials and refusing to compromise on quality. FLEYE’s feather-light, fashionable and allergy-friendly eyewear has been available for over a decade and is sold in more than 30 countries.

    Award-winning Danish Design

    FLEYE is known worldwide for exclusive eyewear characterised by lightness, durability and flexibility. This is achieved through the use of allergy-friendly and solid materials like acetate, beta-titanium, and carbon fibre. The name FLEYE is an abbreviation of Fine Looking Eye.

    “These glasses are unique – they
are beautifully designed and they are light and so comfortable to wear. When you try on FLEYE glasses, they just feel right – as if they were tailor made for your face only. It feels like the glasses are a natural part of you,” says Karin Adock, founder of House of Brands KH.

    FLEYE has won a number of international design awards, most recently Eyewear of the Year 2014 (Japan) and a Red Dot honourable mention 2013 (Germany). The Red Dot was for the adjustable nose pads on FLEYE’s acetate glasses. The nose pads are on a single piece of flexible beta-titanium thread that gracefully loops through the nose bridge. The thread can be adjusted individually, to ensure a perfect fit for any.

    The Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have been spotted wearing FLEYE glasses on a number of occasions.

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